German language course – How to

1. Generally

  1. Be sitting while you are learning (also during the communication exercices)
  2. Define the learning times(controlled by the school, as well as examination success)
  3. First make exercise always ready, then check only („Prüfen“-Check”) and correct the errors („Hinweis“-“reference”). The exercises can be done a max. of 3 times, but they are not printable
  4. Read aloud all texts and exercises.
  5. Communicate also in every day life.

2. Learn on the Computer: Take advantage of all opportunities

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  3. Learning steps in the book up to the computer mouse symbol study well (Dictionary (level 1-3) helps for the new vocabulary.
  4. Completely solve exercices, correct („Prüfen“) 80 %-further, otherwise correct the mistakes, but then „Prüfen“ shows a lower percentage.
  5. Also oral exercices and dictations are among the exercises.
  6. An exercice can be done a maximum of three times.
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